Virendra Khanna
 DoP / Cameraman 



Virendra Khanna has over 15 years of experience as a cinematographer and director of photography, specializing in documentary films, ENG and corporate films and now venturing into the genre of fiction as well. Over the years he got to learn a vast amount about cameras, filming techniques and related equipment. He has worked with older video formats such as Beta, Digi Beta, DVCAM, HDV and has now swiftly graduated, competently using most of the contemporary models of filming formats and equipment be it Arri Alexa, Red, HD CAM, XDCAM and DSLR’s. He has extensive experience as a Lighting camera operator, and a rounded understanding of how camera operation and editing go hand-in-hand; he always shoots with the edit in mind.


He has worked with many national and international renowned production houses on their projects for International Broadcaster’s like National Geographic Channel, HBO, CHANNEL 4, Al Jazeera (English), DISCOVERY channel and a few other prominent broadcasters.

With the opportunity of working with different Director, he got an expertise of different shooting style from Documentary, AD Film, Wildlife, ENG & VNR's. He has had incredible experiences filming several corporate films, high profile Interviews, and fillers for different companies across all sectors, ranging from IT& Medical to Industrial and several more productions.


Vinny, as he is fondly called by his crewmates, has worked in a variety of conditions, from the blistering desert of Thar (Rajsthan, India), to Mount Everest’s windy base camp (Nepal) for the Indian Army Adventure Wing Expedition in 2001.


An experienced director of photography and cinematographer, Virendra’s skills include:

  • Film Lighting Cameraman
  •  Aerial and Helicopter Filming
  •  High Altitude Mountaineering
  •  Wildlife and nature
  •  Industrial manufacturing floors

  Working experience on many internationally acclaimed projects has cemented Virendra’s passion for story-telling and to further develop his skills he is about to start filming a self-produced & directed short film fiction series for web release.


Vinny is always keen to collaborate with his clients in their visual story telling.